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April 2015

Chapter Installations

12 - Magdalene Chapter 28 125th Anniversary 

19 - General Grand Chapter Committee Members Reception

26 - Dreamers 5th Anniversary


May 2015

Grand Chapter of Massachusetts Grand Chapter Session

3 -   Stars of Hope 5th Anniversary

9 -   Hi Flyers 30th Anniversary

9 -   Masonic Family Emergency Preparedness Day

15 - Celebrate Mardi Gras Angels on Parade

15 - Grand Representative Sign up sheet for Grand Chapter

17 - Winter Lights' Breakfast

22 - 25  R & R for Memorial Weekend


June 2015

14 - Massachusetts Association of Grand Representatives meeting

27 - Pig PIcken



18 - Palestine Chapter No 114 Lobster Clam Bake


October 2015

11 - Massachusetts Association of Grand Representatives meeting


December 2015

12 - Mistletoe Ball